About the company



It all started in Basel

Through good friends in Basel, Switzerland, entrepreneurial couple Nils and Maud Undén in the late 1920s came across a product that would become the beginning of a company history spanning across generations.


First pharmacy launch

The Undén couple's newly started company, Aktiebolaget Atoma, obtained the right to the Scandinavian market for the product known as "the healing oil". Under the proprietary brand name Oleum Basilieum ("the oil from Basel" in Latin), the product was launched in Swedish pharmacies in 1930. Over the years the small amber bottle found a natural place in many families' bathroom cabinets as the "ideal home pharmacy" and has turned into a classic still present on the market today!


Expanded product portfolio

The product portfolio was gradually expanded to include several natural products, but also chemtech articles and foodstuffs. Manufacturing, warehousing and delivery with own delivery trucks took place from the head office in the heart of Stockholm.


Generations of family business

Much has happened in the century that has almost passed since the company was founded. The company is still however owned and run by the same family and Nils and Maud's passionate entrepreneurial spirit and visions live on and continue to guide us even today, four generations later.


Pharmacy & healthcare

Through the business divisions, Pharmatoma and Medicatoma, we provide various types of health-promoting products to consumers via pharmacies and to healthcare providers with the goal of contributing to better health and care.


Small but international company

We may be a smaller family-owned company, but our profile has always had a strong international character. Today, our extensive network consists of both Swedish and Nordic as well as European and American partners, mainly active in the medtech industry.


Focus on quality and regulatory

Our ambition to provide products that can contribute to better health and care is ensured by only working with well-documented and certified products and carefully following the legal requirements concerning both products and the company. Our quality management system is adapted to the Medical Products Agency's rules and standards of good distribution practice (GDP).

Atoma has since its foundation in 1930 aimed at providing products that can contribute to health and well-being. Through the business divisions Pharmatoma and Medicatoma, we market, sell and distribute innovative health-promoting products in various categories to pharmacies and healthcare professionals. The assortment consists of both our own brands and those of carefully selected international partners.